Tuesday, March 25, 2014

We've been beaching!

We've been at the beach...

We generally go about this time of year... It's divine...

The water's still warm. The sun just toasty enough. The tourists have (mostly) left. We don't count as tourists of course ;-)

We've been going to the same spot for the last eight years, actually we skipped a year in there somewhere, so we've been for seven of the last eight years. It's our annual beach time. I think I'd feel very deprived if we didn't make it to the coast. We are very privileged to be able to go, I know, it's a luxury of the first world.  

There is just something about the ocean for me. The air, the light, the wind. You could watch those waves for hours hey? Or forever.

And then there is coming home :-) Ah, the joys. Your own bed, your own kitchen and your own washing machine... Along with the mountains of sandy, soggy washing you bring home with you!

On that note I'm off... To put more washing on. And to hunt out the blackboard paint I purchased before heading off down the coast. When I find it I'll get some shots of the proposed project for you. Talk soon. 

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