Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Perfect Storm

Today I have for you pics of a perfect storm we had a few weeks ago...

These were dark, heavy clouds. Clouds full of rain. Beautiful rain that soaked our hills and soil. It had been so dry. And this storm came right at breaking point for us here. It was the perfect storm.

The rain wasn't actually storm-like. It didn't come down in sheets and wash all of the top soil into the creeks. No, it was steady and soaking. And it rained for hours. Such bliss to go to sleep listening to rain on a corrugated iron roof!

The pic above is heading up the track to the hills. This is one of the most used tracks on the farm. At one point while it was raining I looked up this track and you couldn't see those hills covered in trees! They were covered in clouds.

Today marks an anniversary that gives us sore hearts. We lost one of our dearest friends who was still a young person with so much life ahead. But it was not meant to be. It teaches us to live life fully. Knowing that it will end for each of us. Time is a good balm but we're still sore :-(  

So these clouds suit today...

On that note I will go. But I do have some interior shots for you, taken in the kitchen. I'll get them posted for you tomorrow. When the clouds have lifted. And there are shots of the green hills resulting from this perfect storm too. I'll be back... 

PS. Couldn't resist showing you this shot of the poor old rams. Don't they look forlorn?! I think they think they deserve better than to be left out in the rain ;-)

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  1. Glad to see those clouds the ones us farmers wives love, unless of course its harvest! :)


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