Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kids in the car

Did I tell you we're off on a trip? We're going for a long drive in the car. VERY long. It will total nearly 60 hours by the time we are home again. And we have 3 small people under the age of 8. Are we mad? Probably! But when you live in country Australia you learn to travel in the car, and that goes for the small ones too. Mind you, we don't go unprepared....

So I thought I'd let you know what some of our props for the car are going to be on this trip. Actually, I've gone all out this time, I don't normally go to this much trouble. But then we don't often drive this far either! This is one of those trips that you probably only make once (or twice if you're lucky) in a lifetime. It's a pilgrimage that many Aussies, and indeed many from other countries, long to make. A destination worth driving for. This is where we are going:

These are activity books. One for each of the older children. We're meeting up with some good friends who live in South Australia and travelling north with them. So there will be 4 older children. The activity books include spots for diary entries and lots of drawing. Our kids are missing a week of school so we're keeping their learning on-track! It's not quite a day to a page, it's more like a page to each significant place we're visiting. I've also added in some other fun stuff too; colouring in pictures, a join-the-dots-on-the-map and a trip-specific find-a-word.

Hopefully, this little book will fill in some time in the car! And it will help us prompt them to keep a travel diary so that they have something cute to take to school for news when we return. But that's not all I have planned for the car. Each of them will have a folder with contents that I will gradually dispense out as the kilometres pass, I've discovered there is a lot of value in rationing! Not with the littlest one, she doesn't get it yet. But the older ones enjoy something new and a change. So here is the starter kit for the boy:

The starter kit contains the homemade activity book, a free book they got from school, two real (that's the kids name for them!) colouring-in books, a 'text book' so he thinks he's doing important school work (when really I just want him to be busy;-)), a writing book for his creative stories (and man, they are creative!) and a folder to hold it in. Plus, this time I'm taking a cloth bag/child so that all of this stuff can go into it and be stored hanging over the headrest of the front seat, or kept together in the camper trailer. This is the camper trailer we're taking. That way the car stays tidy, so Mr Car-conscious is happy and the camper stays tidy so I am happy. Such a great theory hey?! Wonder how long it will last :-)

So we're in the thick of it at the moment, packing up mountains of clothes and bedding, cleaning for the house-sitters (they are able to stay for the whole time we are away, so we are thrilled), finishing off at school and completing the first draft of a thesis! Talk about needing a holiday! Isn't that the way it goes; you're so busy getting ready to holiday by the time you leave you REALLY need that holiday! Ah, but we're excited. It'll be just great. We're going to the Red Centre. The heart of our country. And we can't wait!

A byline to this, is that I am not sure how consistently I'll be able to blog. I'll have plenty of photo opportunities!!!! And I'll take lots of pics for you. I'll try to post them.... But right now I'd best get on to packing the teddies or there will be trouble! No matter how cool that little activity book is, when small people want their teddy it has to be there doesn't it?!

Talk soon. I've another Thursday's Thought from my life for you tomorrow~

PS. I like the way only the Red Centre destination dots are in focus in this shot below. Like the heart of the country is where our focus is! Kinda appropriate right now. Except for the thesis author, he's a bit preoccupied with that, strange hey ;-)

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