Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday's Thought from my life

Today you're getting my Thursday's Thought on a Friday! That's normal isn't it?! It's a true reflection on the state of my mind this week!!! My 'to-do' list is just ridiculous. So, without further ado... here is Thurday's Thought.

Sometimes around here life is just tea and toast. Or, just toast and tea. With the littlest one and me. That's it. Nothing gourmet or fancy-schmancy about that. Or our daytime life. The littlest one still sleeps in the daytime and so we grab a quick bite to eat before it's time for the 3pm school run. The afternoon deadline of all school mum's. Which then leads in to that dreaded period of the day when everyone is tired and oh-so-grumpy! So, to get my psyched up I decided to make a nice, pretty and yummy 'toast and tea' for just the baby and me! And take some pics to make it look lovely! Here it is...

The littlest one is here too. I'll show you in a minute. We'll just stick to the pretty end of the table for now.

This is our dining table without the sun shining on it! It's featured on a few other posts, see here, here and here, but normally the light is reflecting off the protective plastic (necessary on a table where small people eat) that sits on top of the maps. In this shot you get to clearly see the map. When I first put the maps on it resulted in a number of mealtimes being a circus! And that wasn't due to the small people! Talk about inspiring! We planned all sorts of trips, all the maps are of or in Australia, these plans included the very long drive I told you about yesterday.

On the table we have a woven placemat that I've had for so long I don't remember anything more about it! A plain white $2 plate from Kmart - yay for basic china! A serviette courtesy of my last birthday, I'm rationing them! A Casa Domani 'Damask' bread and butter plate, I have one of each size plate and bowl, I use them for serving. Plus our favourite Jasper Conran mug. These mugs are a bit of a splurge item for us. We love their colour, size and thickness. So I add 1 or 2 to each Peter's of Kensington order, we generally get big presents from there (wedding pressies). That way no-one notices it in the total on the bottom of the bill ;-)

I just popped some multi-grain bread under the grill, toasted it on one side and turned it over. Added tomato sauce on the littlest one's, and maybe on mine:-) A layer of cheese on each and then grilled it again for a few minutes. Yum! Definitely best eaten warm though...

And definitely to be enjoyed even when mum is trying to get your fingers in focus!!! When I play with the aperture setting it makes the focus look shot, especially when small fingers wave about, but I like the 'busy' effect you get. That toast must have been good, or the cheese was stringy, cos she gave up on the fork and used those good old fashioned cutlery - the fingers. I love little fingers, see some more here.

Sure, I know it's just toast and tea, but it tastes good and twas enjoyed by both the littlest one and me! Sometimes it's just the basic stuff, simple living, that makes life satisfying. Do you agree? Rhonda's thoughts on her simple living in this post are great! She writes about a quiet contentment. That's what I'm aiming for. In the mundane bits of life. That's why I take photos of the everyday stuff. The simple stuff. That we all live through, with and because of. Sometimes the picture doesn't capture the full scene; we don't always need to remember the mess or the chaos. Sometimes the light isn't great, though GIMP helps with that a little, and I need all the help I can get! And sometimes we forget to take the camera... but we can still have that quiet contentment. Or just the contentment if it's after the school run! Or we can wait 'til everyone has left the house the next morning and then make a cup of tea.

Hope you enjoy your tea and toast! I'm off to clean the house for the house-sitters....

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