Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday's Thought from my life

Here's a thought from me, from right here in the middle of everyday life; get your little people immunised on time! And always keep a bottle of calamine lotion in the cupboard!

Can you guess what's coming next? Uhuh. You got it. Well really the littlest one has got it. Chicken Pox! The rest of us are hale and hearty. The eldest two are outside 'exhibiting Baxter, our pet calf (imaginary, need I state), in the local country show' - apparently he's winning them a ribbon! They had their immunisations on time, or at least within a week or so, when they were small. Us parents are fine, we have the pox when we were little before immunising for it was common. But the littlest one. She's another story. She's currently asleep. But that's because she hasn't been getting very good sleep at night. She's too busy rubbing/scratching/itching! Poor little thing.

So when your federal government has a 'funded immunisation schedule' that runs for the little people in your country and they have suggested dates for immunisation, here's that thought again, do it on time! Write it in your diary, on your noticeboard, on your calender or on your forehead! Add a reminder into your phone and computer! Do whatever it takes. I thought I'd covered this. Here is a detail shot of my noticeboard:

To put that detail into perspective, here is a shot of my noticeboard.... right behind my computer. And I spend just a little bit of each day reading blogs on this computer, with this noticeboard in the background.

Hmmm. Not much justification for forgetting huh? And I admit I've even put reminders in my phone to call and make an appointment. Why, oh why didn't I add it to my weekly and then daily diary list??? All uncompleted items on this list get carried over to the next day and/or week. So the 'system' would have kept it on my 'to-do' list. This list is as important to me as it seems Rhonda's is to her at Down to Earth - check out her post from Monday.

Anyway, I didn't and we missed the schedule by 2 months or so. And look what happens. The poor little possum.

So, I have a bad case of mother-guilt happening here at the moment. It could have all been prevented, or at the very least minimised to a much milder dose which probably wouldn't have affected any night sleeping! Both other children have been exposed to chicken pox (after having their immunisations) and neither had one spot to report. 

I will say though that I am slowly paying off that debt of mother-guilt as I do sick-duty through the day and night. We're up to day #5 now and I don't think there are any new spots today. I do wonder though if that lovely skin will ever be the same again! Oh dear. Do take this thought on board!! Please :-)

BTW - I realise that there are some who choose not to have their children immunised. Good for them. However, after doing a science degree at uni I just must immunise our children. 


  1. oh no! poor little love. i finally remembered and found your blog. emma - it's so, so beautiful. sandra xx

  2. Yes, the poor little poss. She's on the mend now, though the spots still look horrid:(

    Thanks luv! I'm having fun blogging, so that is what it's all about hey? R, E.


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