Monday, June 18, 2012

It's a scarf. Or is it?

It's finished. The scarf is all done! And it's gorgeous. Even if I do say so myself :-) 

Well, when you start with wool that looks like this, you can be pretty sure the finished product will be just as lovely - yeah?! It was the kind of wool that you just HAD to buy. Like the paper in this shop. We all know that there is already wool at my house. It's in the white cupboard, you can see it for yourself. So really, I shouldn't have been buying wool. You can blame my little sister for this one too ;-) Even unknitted it deserved some photos on the white table..... 

When I started to knit it up, I used only a very basic knitting stitch. Garter stitch. My public justification for using only this basic stitch is that I wanted the wool colour to be the feature. We all know that my real reason was impatience! I wanted it done fast. 

Even with this beginner's stitch it looked gorgeous. Lush even. Though not vibrant. Kinda dirty colours. Then I realised why I liked the colours so much; it looks like the winter sunset colours on the hills at the moment. With the end of the autumn colours and the duller winter colours. Here look at this shot, squint your eyes half-shut and you can 'see' wintry hills can't you?! 

No? You're only seeing my gorgeous scarf on a white table?! Oh. Sorry. I can see hills ;-) Did you notice that the scarf was no longer joined to knitting needles? It's finished in that shot above. Yay!!!

Sooooo. When I put the finished scarf on the white table to take photos I started foof-ing. And that is dangerously fun, see here for the A Beach Cottage version of 'foofing' from last Friday. I LOVE that other people do silly things like this too. It does not mean our life is boring, it's means we appreciate the little things - see the A Beach Cottage post link for that too! Anyways, back to the scarf on the table. There was something rather great about it lying flat. You could see all the colours and the texture.

Well, then I just had to start playing around with the photos. I even waited another day for the light to be better. Then I set up another group of props :-)

Somehow, in the middle of all of this foof-ing I realised that the scarf was going to stay on the table. At least for a few days! I liked it as a table- runner. And THAT got me thinking... there are only so many knitted scarves and beanies a family can have. Really. But, as for table runners, and cushion covers. Well, now that is another story hey?! I think we have a new set of knitting projects to plan. I love planning! How exciting! Now, what was that we were saying about a boring life? ;-)

You'll have to wait to see this scarf actually being worn :-)

Have you done any swapping clothes to house stuff? Or vice versa? I had a lovely time and I hope you have a lovely day wherever you are..... And I will continue my preparations for a very exciting adventure.... more details soon! It's the reason for my delayed posting today.

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