Monday, June 25, 2012

Go west; life is peaceful there!

They say that life is peaceful in the west! Well, we've gone west! It certainly wasn't peaceful getting on the road, that last minute preparation is rather ordinary to say the least. Well, we made it, everything just fitted into the car and the last door was shut. Driving was almost a relief! And then the colours of this sunset were a nice reward to close a long day, just lovely. A wide open sky and just enough clouds for interest...

Not so very long ago we used to live out west, not too far from this spot actually. Driving out here again had that familiar feeling of coming back to a place that you loved... We lived a glorious life out here! A simple but rich life. Maybe there is something in 'going west'... We were a slightly smaller family then, we had a little old round-down home that we renovated with our own hands, a garden we'd created ourselves and with good friends in a community full of spirit we just thrived! Our lives were as coloured as this sunset :-)

Back to travelling now; the next morning we crossed the Hay plains....

Ever been out past Hay on the way to Balranald? There is something amazing about those Hay plains. They are known as the Hay plains, because plain they are! Flat and with almost nothing to disturb the line of the horizon, yet there are many colours and textures to the landscape. We stopped for a brief moment for these shots so I could do a little more than point and shoot out the windscreen.

We've been away a few nights now. Yet there is still a loooonng way to go before we are in the centre of Australia. And the small people have already asked a thousand times "Are we there yet?". But we're enjoying the sensation of travelling, travelling across our great country.  It's kind of nice to be tourists in your own country! We're in Adelaide. I love Adelaide, it takes me back again to that time when we lived out west, even to life-before-children! Adelaide meant winegrape works trips... more about that tomorrow. And more about the little corners of Adelaide that we've found that seems somehow european... Or maybe it's just my rose-tinted glasses that make it look like Europe! The colours here are certainly different than out on the plains! We'll see what the photos look like hey? 'Til tomorrow.

Here's to going west, and having a peaceful life!!!

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