Friday, May 3, 2013

A creek-y afternoon

This is a pile of green goop! Welcome to our afternoon at the creek...

When you take three small people for a Bush barbeque at the creek it doesn't matter how picturesque it is in the sunshine...

They will always find something messy. Every time. Generally the mess will involve water. And if there is any opportunity to include slime, well, they will take it!  We've learnt to make gumboots mandatory for all attending ;) This also makes creek crossings easier...

Even when one is on crutches gumboots are mandatory! Even though rays from above appear to give this boy an otherworldly aura, we know that this small person is THE most likely to get wet on ;)

So, when one is on crutches and at the creek what does one do? Why you instruct your siblings to remove green goop (another technical term from tour's truly hey?!) from the creek! And when they get sick of being slaves you complete the task yourself, piling the goop up into a quite interesting-looking pile.

Thankfully the goop wasn't at all slimy and the plaster cast stayed dry! The gorgeous girl and i had a brief sojourn to the other side, and the sausages were enjoyed by all!

Happy weekend to you and may it involve some green goop!!! ;)

R, Emm

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