Thursday, May 2, 2013

A courtyard study in green and white

Just before we hit the road at the start of the school holidays I took these shots in our courtyard...

And I am very glad I did! The colours in the courtyard are now distinctly yellowed by autumn. The kaffir lime seen above has moved into it's winter location; the mancave otherwise known as the shed ;) This white geranium is carefully tucked in under the eaves...

These ferns are still in this corner, for the moment, they will have to relocate when the frosts start to happen every other day...

This hanging geranium is fine here until the grapevine loses her leaves, I can't remember where this one lived last winter.... Actually perhaps this is one of the 'new' geraniums that have 'appeared' at our place recently ;-)

And the flowering garlic chives have been picked and are now nicely making a dried arrangement on a table in the courtyard! Just don't sit too close - they have an aroma that would ward off any cold!

So there you have it; a courtyard study of green and white! Am off to do the school run now. Then swimming, with a broken legged boy! Ah, the joys of it! Thankfully I have managed to sneak a pot of pumpkin soup into the slow cooker - am looking forward to the aroma of that when we walk in the door after swimming! Talk soon. R, Emma.

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  1. That rock on the table looks like a headless chook!


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