Monday, May 13, 2013

A Chimney Post

Hiho! This is going to be a post of few words. Just pics of a chimney... A chimney standing alone.
It was a massively lovely weekend the one just gone. But it's left me with few words.
Lucky a chimney such as this can speak for itself ;-)

Obviously it's old... obviously it's not used at the moment... obviously (if you know me at all) I have dreams for this chimney... Dreams that involve cranes (or so Mr Realistic tells me!)... Cranes weren't really a part of my dreams... Hmmm.

But aren't those bricks just lovely?! I like the symbolism here; the warmest place in the house, which was in the heart of the home, survives the longest... when pretty much all else is gone.

The heart of the house still stands sentinel amongst the oats. How many houses do you see about the countryside looking like this? Not much still standing, just the fireplace and chimney.  


Right now we're waiting for rain. Can you tell from the pic above? Those hills look dry hey? It should be here in an hour or so. I'm waiting. Trying not to jinx it! :-) And I'm drinking tea. 'Cos I need it! It just might give me some words... Talk soon.

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