Wednesday, May 15, 2013

OK, so it's Autumn

Ok, ok, it's Autumn. I'll admit it. The yellow/orange tones are overwhelming!

The colours have hit every corner of life hey?! The trees. The lichen. Even the light is different, the crisp air telling. There's a winter just around the corner... today certainly feels like that corner might be turned sooner rather than later. And the forecast certainly emphasises that! But I'm not going there, admitting it's winter is just too far.

These sticks were sourced on from here. We were collecting sticks to use as kindling for our wood fire. Somehow I knew these lichen-decorated sticks wouldn't be ending up in the fire ;-) Just had to create a spot for them, far from the fire so they wouldn't accidentally end up in the fire.

This is a feather from a Tawny Frogmouth that Mr Wildlife saved from being a roadside casualty - the Tawny is a bird that looks/acts like an owl, but it actually isn't. It makes a cool call that sounds like some-one calling "Mopoke". Mr Wildlife despatched the Tawny to the vet and it looked like making a full recovery - yay! The feather holder is a bone (probably a sheep bone) found by the boy at the farm. He's intrigued by bones!

 Hmmm. There's a distinct autumnal tinge to the table end now. Maybe it's the lack of green. Not sure. But I've been lighting the candles every afternoon as the chill sets in. The candles bring cheer to the chill :-) Psychological I know, but I need that as the season turns!

Ah yes, it's silly I know, but I do feel a certain dread about winter. I miss the light of summer. However, I've been thrifting for wool and I've some knitting started. There are distinct enjoyments of the cooler months, I will focus on them. And I will remember that life is quite easy for us here, even once winter arrives. Am off to pop another log on the fire!

*Beware the photobomber*

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