Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beach Specimens

Hello hello! Found these shots of some beach specimens collected and photographed waaay back in March whilst on a beach holiday... seems about a decade ago~!

Each 'specimen' was shot on textured art paper and I am quite happy with how they have turned out. Simple but classic. And yes, I know I could have been more particular about my white balancing rah rah rah, but the small people were waiting to go the beach, the 'specimens' had been sitting on the bench overnight while I waited for the daylight, and so the moment just had to be seized :-)

Here is a brain on a plate! This specimen came home with us and I actually had it sitting on a plate on the bench for a while. Why? 'Cos it made me smile each time I looked at it and thought there's my brain on a plate!

These grass stems are rather lovely I think. Think it's the soft texture of the feathery heads contrasting against the crisp stems and the textured paper. Hmmm.

And then there are leaves. The gorgeous girl actually collected a series of leaves for her beach scrapbook. A little botanist in the making! There's something lovely about a collection of leaves, and about taking the time to notice the details of an individual leaf... quite a collection of colours in this one...

And this one has such graceful lines :-)

Alright, I'd best be off. Yesterday was spent at the fracture clinic, don't ask! The break is healing nicely but the update on the status took pretty much all of the school day. So today must make up for yesterday!

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