Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Pear-ndarin?!

Ever seen a mandarin like this one?!
Last weekend we were in one of the great fruitbowls of Australia; Griffith and the Riverina. And there we met row upon row of trees heavy with these beauties. All ripe for the picking!

So the small people and I were very intrigued to see these oddly shaped mandarins that had more of a pear shape but with the skin of a mandarin. Very pretty. And autumnal to boot. I saved the 'best' looking one to take some shots of. It had to put waaaay up high 'cos the littlest one had her eye on it :-)

These mandarins are sweet and juicy! Plus there are no seeds!! Really, they are the best sort of mandarin about... yum and pretty enough to photograph. Oh, and do you like my sweet little thrifted teapot? It's pretty enough to photograph too hey?! Especially for $2 :-)

This lovely specimen had to be sampled. Though I admit I've 'saved' the pear-ndarin one ;-) At least for another day or so. It's as good as a bunch of flowers; makes me smile every time I look at it!

But the more average looking one was eaten as soon as these shots were taken ;-) 


Given our ability to consume mandarins in this household the box of these that accompanied us home won't last too long, especially since good food is best shared, some will be dispensed out to other families. There is something so nice about being able to give good food away, though it would be even nicer if we had grown it ourselves! Anyway, our climate wouldn't allow that and it keeps us from being smug about growing our own produce :-)

Hope your week is progressing along nicely. We have some updates on the break, I just have to get some shots of the boy/leg. There's a lot on the boil but not much to report!

Will be back later this week with the finale of (Lamb) Mark I for you. And if I'm really brave I'll head out first up in the morning to chronicle the morning chill for you - brrrr! I am not going to make any promises mind!

If you have sunshine outside today (like we do!) go out and soak it up...

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