Thursday, May 23, 2013

Let's eat cake

When all else fails let us eat cake!
Today I am conscious that we are very privileged. We are warm, it rained nicely all day yesterday, there is food in the fridge/pantry, our shoes fit us, we are healthy and we are loved... Some aren't so privileged.

We are however, facing some rather uncertain moments in coming days. Life will go on, I know. We just need to stay strong, and we will eat cake! This cake is one of those whole orange (processed in the blender) and poppy seed cakes. Yummy stuff. Just the sort of stuff you need in your tummy to face uncertainty :-)

I don't mean to trivialise our uncertainty. It is affecting us, but I am conscious there is much more uncertainty in other's lives. It's just my way of dealing with things - to eat cake! Must get exercising if this is the way I am going to cope ;-)

Hope you get some cake (or equivalent) today and that you don't have too many uncertainties!

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