Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why, hello Prince Charming!

Why, hello! And just who are you? Mr Frog you say?! A prince you say? Prince Charming even?? Ahum.

This prince charming frog came to visit our courtyard. Actually, I think he might live in our courtyard. Only I didn't know that until I nearly trod on him... There I was moving every pot plant, sweeping every leaf and cobweb, being a very industrious body. Not in the least expecting a prince frog to show his face, in fact his whole being, right next to my foot. Phew! I wasn't expecting another prince charming to appear in my life - I already have one grown up one and one boy one.

There were no kisses of welcome for this prince/frog! When I saw him, I yelled. Very loudly! It was, and I smile as I note this, a very loud and very guttural yell. My real-life prince charming, Mr Hero we'll call him today, actually ran from the vegie garden to me. That's how loud the yell was. Silly of me really. I quite like frogs. And I love the thought that our courtyard is lush enough to house him! But I just wasn't quite expecting him ;-) And I reckon he knew it; check out the smirk on his face...

Well, Mr Hero carefully washed his hands and left them dripping... you shouldn't handle a frog with dry hands, did you know that? I didn't. Not that it mattered. After that introduction I wasn't going to be picking this little frog-prince up! Anyways, with his wet/damp hands Mr Hero picked Mr Frog up to relocate him. But Mr Frog was having none of it! This shot below was a miracle; Mr Frog is sitting still. There was not much sitting still, not once he saw the light. He was off. He was going to stay hidden in our courtyard thank you very much.

And so that was that. Without creating a very big disturbance to the pot plants there was no finding him and we figured we didn't mind him being there. Not at all. We'll keep him as a testimont to the lushness of our courtyard! I might just watch where I put my foot a little more out there... I probably should apply this to the rest of my life too... watch where I put my foot and not 'put my foot in it' so often ;-)

Here's to NOT hearing you make any such loud noises! 

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