Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Exposing The Black Sandals

This post was going to be about a new exposure trick I've found on my camera... but I'm a girl and so it's about the black sandals that have entered my life ;-)

You see, I was sitting at my desk reading this great blog post by the Pioneer Woman. She was talking about the cool little exposure dial on her camera and how she uses it to darken the foreground in her photos so you get a silhouette and the background pops! Pretty cool. So I had a go at it...

On my camera it's the button that has a square diagonally split with a plus and minus sign within each half... You've probably all been using it for years, I've just found it :-) Ah well, better late than never hey?! Obviously, the dial needed to turn a bit more! So here's the next gradient...

And then the final shot, I like the balance here between the texture of the foreground. Texture on my hand? Ugh! Too much sun, not enough moisturiser... usual story. But the edges of the hand are accentuated by the brightness of the background. Anyways. Blah, blah, blah. :-)

So I was turning back around to the desk and noticed that I had the black sandals on. Now these sandals are worth taking photos of and talking about! Am really revealing girliness now! They have entered my life in a BIG way :-) Initially I spotted them in a Rivers store catalogue. They looked cool, but you know how so many things look great in the catalogue but when you see them in the flesh, well, real-life = not-so-cool. It's always a disappointment. So when a friend and I headed into the store to check them out I was kinda crossing my fingers but also trying not to get my hopes too high. Anyways, big breath,  they looked quite good in-store. We were cautiously keen... keen enough to buy a couple of pairs for ourselves and our gorgeous girls...

And now, well, we're very glad we weren't too cautious! These are great sandals! They are comfy and look good. They are a bit tricky to get on but that means they don't slip off when you walk. And some of the other colour-ways are cool too; the gorgeous girl has a great orange pair. The price? I can't remember if it was $15 or $12 a pair. Either way, not much more than coffee out with a small person!

So, next time you're thinking of trying out some new camera tricks just check out your footwear - it just might be worth a shot and bring a smile to your face ;-)

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