Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sneaky Snowballs

Here are my snowballs. Oh wait, they're not mine. Well, they are now, but they weren't to start with. Not that I stole them! Though I admit that I did consider it....

These snowballs are off a bush on our twice-daily walk. Well, it's really only a twice-daily walk when we're energetic! We walk right past this bush. With it's beautiful blooms. They've been out about a week now. Big, white balls of blossom!

Aren't they just gorgeous?! I've been eyeing them off since they first opened. BUT I didn't pick any. Not even one. I even mourned the blossom that other school walkers scattered along the path... they looked like nature's confetti!

But then, just as I was beginning to weaken in my resolve not to pick another person's flowers...

Some young school walker picked one ball of blossom and left it lying on the ground at the base of the bush! Whoa! I noticed it on the way to school... and I scooped it up on the return leg of the walk!

It was then a rescue mission! I had to save the snowball! I didn't pick it but I was very willing to take it home and give a very pretty little cut-glass jug of water to sip on! And I've been very happy to smile at this little ball of blossom each time I walk past it :-) It's now on it's last legs and will really have to go, and the rain today has finished the remaining balls of blossom on the bush... will have to find some other flowers to fawn over!

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