Monday, November 26, 2012

Building my braveness with a building

Right. If you've read this post then you would be expecting these pics of a building...

This is not a significant building to me. It's a business house in a the old part of our town. In the central blocks; the old part. Kinda like those european cities where there's that great old section, what do they call it? The bit where the town square, the clock tower and the church(es) are. Well, ours isn't surrounded by a stone wall or anything, no, we can't claim that. But there are some nice buildings. And the street of this building has a lot of nice little shops and cafes in nice, old buildings. And this is THE street for thrifting; there are two op shops just along from this building, how convenient hey?! Only one carpark to find, and one in-and-out-of-the-carseat-session with small people to navigate!

The trick is to make sure you go the the Salvo's op shop first, then to Vinnies. Why? Well Vinnies has eftpos, so if you find great things at the Salvos you can spend all of your cash there and use the card at the next stop ;-)

So, I was photographing this building whilst doing this great little workshop on aperture, as I said before see this post. And there were about 15 of us trawling this block of our town. We were loaded with cameras and enthusiasm! And this, my friends, is a great little combination for increasing your 'braveness' :-) I've always struggled to carry my camera and take photos confidently in public places. Oh, I can cope with capturing the small people's athletic prowess at the school carnival etc. But as for heading out in public to just take shots of whatever-may-catch-my-eye, well that doesn't happen. I've just not been brave enough. And given how often I eat/shop down this street I've often checked out this very building wishing I'd had my camera with me...

Have you noticed that I like a bit of iron fretwork? I've never had the privilege of actually owning a piece of it, well, not a piece attached to a building. Certainly not a piece attached to an old building. Thus, the preoccupation methinks. Solution: purchase old building with ironwork! Ha~ Tell her she's dreaming...

You know, this building, well it is lovely. But when I look closely at these pictures I'm not sure how much of it is original... I'm no expert. But my suspicions are up... something about it looks 'not old'. Or, maybe it's just the modern colours which make it seem less authentic. Despite this suspicion I do like these colours. They are clean and crisp... maybe I'd add just a little more white and lightness... just my own taste you know ;-)

And this column (below) caught my eye too. Of course I made sure the very UN-authentic, 1970s steel hand rail along the steps running up beside it didn't make it into the shot ;-) And, of course I used the right aperture to hide/blur/ignore the cars parked alongside the kerb. We all need a little bit of romance huh, and I just didn't feel that those other bits were necessary... I'd much rather admire the greyness of the column, and it's graceful lines. Note to self; adjust aperture when looking in the mirror so-as to up the 'grace' factor... 

And on that note, I'll be off. Ciao!

BTW - About my deliberations... This is a set of condensed photos and therefore I am currently sneaking around the google limit... always something fun to be sneaking around hey?! We'll see how we go with this... I'll keep you up to date.

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  1. Grey scale looks good with these pics, or even sepia ;-)


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