Friday, November 2, 2012

Lights in my Life

 Morning! How are you? All lit up? Positively luminescent? Or glowing softly?

Well, around here we are. All lit up. Ok, maybe not always. Certainly not between 8am and 9am on a weekday morning when it's peak-before-school hour! Perhaps not between 5pm and 6pm on a weeknight with it's arsenic hour! But, about 7:30pm, when the small people are just in bed, and it's a lovely balmy early-summer evening? Well, yes, that is a very good time for some lighting up around here!

The courtyard is the place to be... I've finally found the lights for out here. This is my third season of searching ;-) I've been waiting for white lights, white wiring and solar powering. And of course the price needed to be within the realms of reality!

It was fun trying to capture these little beauties in the late afternoon/early evening light... Dark enough to see them glowing, light enough to actually be able to focus! But check out that sky. Love. I did say that we do blue well here in Australia didn't I? Yesterday in this post, I think it was anyway.

Ah, here's one in detail. Though they look like paper that will turn to 'mush' in the first shower of rain they are some sort of nylon fabric and feel quite plastic. I'm glad they don't look like plastic though! We have a little joke around here about 'only wearing natural fibres'. It's a noble concept but not a very affordable/practical one for us. Probably a bit the same with these lights. We'll cope with the nylon... Probably should try a bit harder to adjust my white levels (on the camera) though and get rid of the yellowing-effect!

Ok, am off to a school assembly now. The small person is receiving an award, I just hope we get a smile on stage and not continue the rabbit-in-the-spotlights stare!

Happy Weekend!
We have a quite one at home planned so it should be lovely - yay!

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