Friday, November 16, 2012

A Golden Glow

We're having some lovely golden evenings. When the light just glows off the landscape...

Here's my viewpoint on one such evening. Definitely a golden glow about the place!

Maybe, just maybe it had something to do with the dirty glass windows... and the light refracting off the dirt particles on them! Someday I really must clean them ;-)

But, back to the golden glow... There was something rather gorgeous about that evening. Made you want to linger watching the light, even though the small people were clamouring to get out of the bath, the lettuce needed to be picked for dinner and the washing was piled high on the ironing board!

I'd love to be able to paint these scenes. But I can't, so I take photos of them :-)

Am loving that sky! The clouds are just lovely!

Today the clouds are a little more functional; it's been raining. Yay! We're pleased about the rain, the farmer will be VERY pleased about the rain and the lettuces will also be thrilled...

Here's to a happy weekend, perhaps even with a bit more rain.

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