Friday, November 30, 2012

Weathering summer storms

 We've had some wild weather here lately. The first of the summer storms!

Here are some shots of the weather on Wednesday afternoon from my viewpoint...

It was about now that I rang Mr Motorbike and suggested that he look west and decide what time he was going to come home from work ;-) No ulterior motives, just a gentle suggestion...


The motorbike roared up the driveway as the wind roared through these trees in our backyard...

And the sky got progressively darker...  a very different type of blue to what we so often get here in Australia!

And then the rain hit, or rather reached our place. It came from the west, as I'd suggested, sometimes I get it right...

Poor old cows. Not that they seemed to mind! The rain bounces off their backs as they continue to much away~ Good for them ;-) Good to concentrate on your food hey?!

Hope you're weathering any summer storms that have come your way!

I've got quick craft to show you... might have to do a Saturday post, if I can squeeze it around life!

Happy Friday evening :-)

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