Monday, November 5, 2012

Mapping the table

Late last week I (re)mapped our dining table....

Maps on the table are a common occurrence around here. It looks fun, broadens the mind (even ours!) and provides a great backdrop for photos. See here and here.

Mapping the table doesn't involve surveying the table for bumps or crumbs, though that would be easy to do! No, it involves layering up the surface of the table with a multitude of maps. Like this...

This time I again went with Australian maps... Last time I did this we ended up dreaming up this trip with friends and having one of those holiday-of-a-lifetime experiences! It was tempting to layer up international maps... an o.s. sojourn would be VERY exciting, but at this stage in life I think that sort of holiday should stay as a dream... best to keep it real hey?! Boring but responsible!

It does look very messy with the maps all layered up, but once the edges are overlapping a nice layer of (practical) plastic goes straight on over the top. After applying some table cloth 'holders' to the edges we're all good. There's probably a technical term for those clips that hold on the tablecloth... but it's Monday and I had enough trouble thinking of the term surveying!

Here's our table all secure. You hardly notice those clip thingies. And with small people about I'm keen to keep the plastic/maps on the table and not slewing all about the place! I've seen this done permanently on an old table top. All lacquered up it looked schmich! But we quite like our retro table and didn't want a permanently mapped surface, so this is our alternative.

With the festive season approaching I'm thinking of letting the small people loose with some butchers paper and then sliding it under the plastic for some cheap and cheerful seasonal decoration... might limit their choice of colours (I like that this looks predominately blue/green/neutral)... is that cruel?! Ha, as I tell them, I could be much more horrid ;-)

Here's a gorgeous bit of wood for you! It's a tree root from the creek which some nice people saved cos they thought I might like it. I certainly do, and it was fun to layer it up with old enamel bowls, a book and a lantern on the maps.

Of course this isn't a common table centre in our house! Imagine the actions of the small people, oh I can't even start to imagine. I need another cuppa before I get that imaginative!

Ok, I'm off. To dream out a new holiday! Nah, there's too much vacuuming to be done to spend time staring at the table. But I will get a good workout if I vacuum fast hey?! There's got to be some advantage to cleaning; exercise. I'll take it, the advantage that is. And I'll enjoy a clean house, at least until approximately 3:30pm when chaos descends again ;-)

Enjoy your advantages today!

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  1. How about a map of Europe... :), TAE


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