Thursday, November 29, 2012

No replies!

Have you noticed that there's been no reply from me on this blog???

For the last fortnight or so I've been unable to post a reply, or even a comment, on my very own blog. Very bad form I know! Especially when there have been some lovely comments...! Thank you :-)

You see, I thought I'd be tricky and make myself a 'professional' gmail email account. You know the sort, the ones that you list on your resume... not the one that you've had for a thousand years that's actually your maiden name so no-one who's met you in the last thousand years actually knows you by that name... nor the one that you made for your blog that doesn't actually relate to your name in any way... nor the one that you made for people to RSVP to this... So I made a very nice one, just my name and amazing google let me have it just the way I like it ;-)

But then things stopped working, namely commenting on my blog and commenting on my favourite-other-people's blog. Horrid! And I know I must do something about it. I have tried fiddling with the settings - always a dangerous thing - but to no avail. So until I manage to get it just right again, please know that I am replying in my mind! I've written replies to all the comments! They're just in my head... Will get them out there as soon as I sort it... We're off to the big smoke of Sydney today... for an appointment and then (fingers crossed) a new appliance and perhaps my own version of this shopping trek... exciting stuff for country people... I'll report back tomorrow!

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