Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Eeny Meeny Miney Moe!

Ok, it's 'eeny meeny miney moe' time! In the garden, specifically, the rose garden...

Roses have been popping up all over blog-land for the last few weeks and I've been waiting... waiting for our rose bushes to join the party... to start opening their own pretty petals...

And now they're here. In all their prettiness. And it's time to play 'eeny meeny miney moe'. To choose your favourite.

Can you guess which one's my favourite? It's actually rather interesting cos I reckon it's a rose quite like me, not physically ;-) I've never been likened to any sort of flower~! Not even by Mr Generosity when he first met me! No, it's a reflection of my general taste. This rose, my favourite, is a less ornate, perhaps some would say a more messy, flower. It's colours are subtle, though occasionally there's a dash of brightness. And it's a bit old fashioned :-)

Of course, there's always room to for more than one favourite...

Luckily! 'Cos it's hard to choose hey?!

This white one is looking like it's seen a little too much sun! A bit like me yesterday after a morning walk and some time out with the cows. But the littlest one had just watered it and she was insistent that I take a photo. Of course I obliged! Well, it didn't cost anyone anything did it? Ok, so maybe it cost another the time to iron another item of clothing but if I measured my activities in that scale I'd have a guilt burden so large I'd not be able to walk!

Alright, I'm off. Like a frog in a sock. Today involves some time at school, then afternoon tea with friends, then indoor soccer and home just in time for bath and bed - yay for slow cookers!!! And mashed potato :-)

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