Friday, August 30, 2013

Evening Glow

Good afternoon. Afternoon already. At the end of the week...

Yay! But I've a thousand things to do and the numbers of hours before bell-time is diminishing. So, here are some shots from the end of our farm fencing day. Other parts of the day were posted last week... check back if you missed them!

It was a lovely calm, peaceful, serene way to end a day.

With a bit of room for some lighting manipulation... always a bit of fun to be had when you have a simple viewpoint like me ;-)

And then there is the ever faithful farm dog. Glowing in the sunset. Still standing at attention late in the day. More attentive than I can manage at that end of the day!

Today there is a new little person in the world who is a part of our family. VERY exciting :-) There's something about new little, tiny people... And the emotions that that little family are experiencing right now. Ah, the joy of new life!

Alright. Roll on weekend. And roll on Emma, there's much to be done! Have a good one...

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