Monday, August 12, 2013

Let's eat cake!

Hi there! How's your week looking? This little post is a homage to my week just gone... full of cake!

First up there was the layered rainbow cake. I thought I'd try it out. Turned out to be a quite impressive cake - all 20cm of it. That was the height of the finished cake. Substantial :-) Plenty to go around anyway!

It was actually an easy enough cake to make. Double mix of basic cake batter, divide in four, colour as appropriate. Cook. Ice with plain white icing. Then stick a chopstick straight down the middle of the cake, through all four layers. Then (holding your breath) pick the cake up using chopstick and base, roll the edge in a tray of hundreds and thousands. Restand the cake on it's base/plate/platter and sprinkle the hundreds and thousands on the top of the cake. Oh, yes, and plug the chopstick hole with some icing before covering with hundreds and thousands!

Then we iced 30-odd patty cakes in plain choc icing, added a fat choc melt, we alternated with milk choc and white choc. Then I used a chocolate flavoured icing tube to 'draw' the rays of a sun around the choc melt and finished each 'sun' with a smiley face - of course! These were for the classmates.

The next batch of patty cakes were iced in philadelphia cream chocolate icing dunked in boy-appropriate dinosaur sprinkles. Note that the combination is getting simpler! This mum has only so much energy...

We (the littlest one and I) then realised we needed yet another cake for the boy's actual birthday dinner. So out came the mixer AGAIN. We've made so many cakes lately that she actually turned down the offer of licking the spoon!

This is our 'mountain' of flour...

Note the VERY helpful hand close by...

And this cake batter ended up being a football. See below. Why? That was choice of the boy. The method? Use a loaf tin and pile that batter high! Then shave to some sort of semblance of a football :-) Use chocolate batter/icing/everything 'cos at least it'll taste great! And add coloured coconut - always a nice touch!

That's it in cakes for me, at least until the end of the month when it is the littlest one's birthday - no doubt she will request something in pink. I am grateful you can now buy a 'natural' pink food colouring ;-)

Hope your week includes some cake, preferably accompanied by coffee and friend(s)!!!
Talk soon...

Not sure who exactly was blowing these candles out...! Given that it's the boy's football cake!

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