Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A babe & a beetle

One morning, whilst sitting at the computer, a teeny-tiny beetle crawled out from under the keyboard...

The littlest one was entirely fascinated by this teeny-tiny creature. It was small even by her standards! I'm not sure what sort of beetle it was, nothing beautiful or amazing, but it had fantastic 'grip' and could crawl across anything; hands, fingers, tshirts, finger nails...

And it didn't stop. It crawled and crawled and crawled. For the entire time that the littlest one held it. She was very careful. And curious. It was quite difficult to get a photo of the littlest one in focus; she twisted her hands/arms around and around so she could keep her eye on her beetle!

And so we whiled/wiled* away a good twenty minutes. The babe watching the beetle, me watching the babe and the beetle, and the beetle just kept crawling! Eventually we let the beetle go in a pot plant. So no beetles were harmed in the delivery of this post!

The littlest one just saw these pics as I uploaded them and yes, she put on her cutesy voice and said "Oh look, it's my cute beetle" :-)

Ah, it's the simple things hey?!
Happy Wednesday to you!

*whiled away or wiled away? I googled it and it's your choice; one is older, the other more commonly used.
NB - the custom-designed 'stamps' that the littlest one applied all by herself... she told me the beetle liked them ;-)

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