Monday, August 19, 2013

The trail of a tail

We've already established around here that it's a dog's life... :-)

Last weekend the dog provided us with plenty of entertainment, again. This time it was her tail leaving a trail!

We were down by the creek. In the sunshine. Having a bush barbeque. And generally enjoying some simple moments.

Some were armed with sticks. Stones were thrown/skipped. Sausages were consumed, on white bread with lashings of tomato sauce. A birthday cake finished off the feast.

Then the entertainment started...

The dog realised that there were no more free sausages to be had. So she headed off for the water. Of course! Being part Dalmatian she was happy to go in again and again. Chasing a stone. First we'd hear the splosh as she hit the water, then we'd see the tail trail appearing over the rocks...

Then the shaking would commence...

Stand clear or you will be showered in the spray!

OK, so where's the next stone going to land?

It was good fun for all. Sitting in the sun. Eating with friends. Splashing (a little!) in the water. And wandering about for the sheer enjoyment of it...

And now we're in a new week. Which promises to start chilly and be windy! Good weather for a roaring wood fire. I've more farm pics for you this week, to make up for missing last week's Friday at the Farm. Plus there is the art party to report on... So hang on for the ride :-) Talk soon.

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