Friday, August 23, 2013

Doing a (fence) line

It's Friday - hoorah! We're at the farm - hoorah! And we're fencing a line, down a steep sloe - hoozah?!

Remember these skies/trees/hills/ridges, aka Tuesday's post. Remember I said we were up here for a reason? Well the farmer had been replacing a fenceline. He'd replaced the straining posts that needed replacing and the star pickets, we were there to pull the wires through...

Well once those chilly winds had chased us off the hilltop we headed down into the gully, or a small valley in the Australian version of the English language ;-) So this is me looking up to the ridge only to see the boy 'appear' from the other side of the ridge... Shows just how big that blue sky is hey?!

This is looking north-west across the gully...

Here are the small people attempting to have an adventure whilst maintaining their vertical alignment!

Here is the very 'vintage' hitch of the 'fencing trailer'. It has little-to-no suspension and a significant amount of rust ;-) But it carries all of the fencing gear and  comes out at times like this to head up the hills and down the gullies of the farm. I just looked up my original post about the farm, here it is...

Here is a star post that looks a bit like this one, just a different coloured background! Different season = different colours.

And then, you couldn't do livestock fencing out here without this stuff. The nasty barb wire. It always catches. On your clothes or your skin. Ugh! But it does take a nice shot hey :-) Those barbs are there for good reason but we don't have the tough hides of a cow or the woolly insulation of a sheep!

Alright. Had best run. A busy weekend coming up. Including the Farmers Markets - yum! Hope your's is looking yummy!!! Happy weekend to you!

PS - You can tell it's steep when the dog has to lever herself with a leg against a log whilst taking a break :-)

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