Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hunting a huntsman

How are you today? Not feeling hunted I hope! This is a story of the hunter and the huntsman...

So. I spend a teeny bit of time at my computer. Just a teeny bit of time, to read a few blogs ;-) And to do some actual household business stuff, ie. pay bill etc. Currently at the computer I sit on a traditional, swivel office chair. Nothing unusual about it. Except in this cooler weather I've snitched one of the small people's lambswools to make the chair a bit more snuggly.

BUT. One semi-sunny afternoon I jumped up from my computer chair to do something and noticed something crawl, yes crawl, across the back of the chair. Whoa. Hang on. What WAS that?!

Have you ever hunted a huntsman? Now I'm not generally worried about spiders. They don't worry me, mind you I definitely have other things I fear. But a spider doesn't usually bring a squeal. However, I am NOT keen on sharing my computer chair with a spider that's about a big as the palm of my hand!

I know he's only inside to keep warm, and he probably came in on a piece of wood meant for our fire. BUT. He's not sharing my chair!

So, my method of spider hunting is to get a jar and piece of paper. Plonk upturned jar over spider and then slide sheet under the whole lot and take it all outside. Thus the glass jar on our outdoor table with said spider in it. The spider was feeling rather hunted and wouldn't even poke one leg over the edge of the jar. The hunted feeling was mutual! My chair is not a place for a spider.

The small people enjoyed this hunt immensely! Imagine Mummy being able to catch a spider! And not squeal :-) Ah, they learnt a valuable life lesson didn't they?! You don't squeal when you're hunting huh?
NOR do you also don't share your chair with a huntsman...

Now I'm off to ice a layer rainbow cake, and yes I am sure it will raise both eyebrows and energy levels when we eat it in celebration of the gorgeous girl's birthday.

Happy Tuesday to you all.

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