Monday, August 5, 2013

Strolling on a Sunday evening

Do you ever go strolling on a Sunday evening? We like to :-) Such a nice way to end the weekend/squeeze every last bit of relaxation before a new work/school week starts.

The small people take their scooters, we all lace up our walking shoes and pop on our (knitted!) beanies/gloves, grab a few tissues for the cold-air-sniffles and off we go...

Generally we make it to the park/oval fairly quickly. The scooters get dumped on the bank. The small people run. The larger people pretend to run! A ball of some description appears.

It's the fresh air and the sky that gets me. Chilling your cheeks. Invigorating your views - upwards. Always good to be looking upwards hey?! Even inside my house the view upwards is tidier (spider webs included)!

These skies don't need words...

Even in the middle of middle-class suburbia there are joyous skies to be seen...

And then this, ahhhhh. Back home again. My viewpoint. What a colour palate! Somewhere I read about decorating using the colours found in nature... this palate shows how unlimited that could be.

Hmmm. This stroll will keep me going for a few days this week!

It's birthday month at our house, this week is especially heavy with two small people becoming not so small after all! Saturday was spent cooking a grand total of 97 cakes (including patty cakes!). Today I must ice 30 of them, tomorrow 4, Wednesday 30 and Thursday requires yet another cake to be cooked and iced - phew!

Bring on the strollin'.... Might have to take a few this week to work off the cake batter consumption AND to escape the kitchen... I think I had the same issue last year... 

Yours, coated in icing and cake batter...

This shot shows the littlest person lost in their own little world; who knows what she was doing!

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