Monday, September 9, 2013

The week that was.

I am glad last week is past. A week that was. Not (still) is...

You may have guessed that last week was (for me) one of those weeks!
It was a week full of activity. The type when you just have to put your head down and get on with it. Nothing unpleasant happened. And nothing very major. Just lots of bits. One after the other. Every day. So it was one of those weeks when you are actually pleased to see it end.

Funnily enough I still took quite a few photos. In the five minute gaps that I had. They'll appear soon. For today though I have some soothing views and a cute story for you...

Ah, gotta love the light and colours of an Aussie dusk.

So, I'm quietly taking a of few shots of the landscape as the dusk unfolds when I look down (more on the looking down bit later) and see the boy doing this...

First he was lining the gate itself up as close to gate post as possible... then he'd get a good grip with both hands and one foot... then...

.......Swing!!! ....... :-)

Oh the joy of being a kid :-)

I admit right now that I'd LOVE to do this too. Am thinking though that the effect of my mum-of-three-middle-of-life-body might be a touch detrimental to the gate and it's hinges! And I would be in trouble for letting the boy do his gate swinging, let alone me trying it too!

But with a view like this, and the ground dropping away under the gate, who can blame the boy for taking a swing?! It was great. Don't tell anyone but he did it over and over again ;-)

As the colours changed the sky deepened. Beautiful.

Well, I'm off to keep on keeping on. This week is looking a touch less blocked out then last week but still busy. I think that may be the lot of most of us... At least it's an excuse for not dusting ;-) 

Oh, and about that looking down. Whilst the boy was swinging on a gate I was standing on a post ;-) See below...

The world looks different from up here :-) Plus it does one good to see things from on high hey?!

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