Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A sample of a Gran's stitching stuff

All Grandmothers, Grans, Nans and Nonnas have stuff for stitching do they not?!

This is a little sample of one Grans stitching stuff. It was passed on to me recently when I deduced that the sewing kit was a vintage piece that would be brilliant for a lego storage tub.
Turns out I was wrong. It's perfect for an on-the-go stationary supply kit so the gorgeous girl tells me! Just what I'd think of taking along to the boy's indoor soccer match to fill my time ;-)


When the sewing kit was emptied I found these treasures. Yes, yes, I know they are simple sewing supplies. But check them out closely...

Gorgeous old wooden cotton spools, they don't come like this anymore...

What's more they were made in Australia! Do we even produce anything here that is made with our own cotton anymore?!

And then there is the tape. Also made in Australia. Label courtesy of a very forward-thinking graphic designer ;-) Seriously, people would appreciate a label like this today wouldn't they? Some organisations pay many thousands of dollars for labels that don't have half the style of this one!

Even the 'modern' cotton spools were colour coordinated... They may have even sparked a colour theme for some room decorating I'm working out ;-)

Then we get to the pointy end of it all... Sorry, just couldn't resist trying for one crazy aperture shot :-)
(For more shots along this theme click here).

And with that little piece of pretty nostalgia from a Grans sewing kit I will leave you.

Amazing what you find when you are cleaning out stuff hey?! Not all of it is this pretty... unfortunately :-)


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