Monday, September 16, 2013

A dam, bare trees & brown grass

This post was for Friday...

It just didn't get any text added in time for posting on Friday, and then the weekend took over! And that was that. Now we're in Monday; a new week with a new 'to-do' list that includes some carry-over from last week... Including this blog post. So without further ado...

A dam, bare poplar trees and brown grass.

It's a normal end of winter view about here. Full dams with water lapping the edges, bare European trees that were planted by European settlers and the generations that have followed them in this land down-under plus brown grass that has suffered a multitude of frosts in the cold weeks of winter.

Farmers would probably prefer lush, green landscapes. But there is something tonal and beautiful in this landscape I think. It's a sign of the time, literally, the end of winter. There's something simple about it's starkness and colours, yet there's also more to the tones that first strikes you. There's change and depth in those tones...

The reflections are crisp. Especially when I manage to focus on the reflections and not the grass in the foreground ;-)

Today is a day of dampness here. It's raining gently. We're very glad. The rain is needed. The dust was starting to rise when you drove about the tracks. This rain will settle the dust in the same way that the weekend settled much dust that was flying about in our lives!
We're very glad about that too. 

This week will see our fantastic builder finish our bathroom renovations. It's the last week of a long, busy winter school term. We'll hopefully see off the last winter cold that is visiting all in our household. And we'll be set to start a new phase of the year...

Hope your week sees you able to feel glad!
I'm off to be busy... Even though it's not a pace I can maintain constantly I think I operate more efficiently when I'm busy. Crisp, concise thoughts and actions - ha! Maybe I am deluding myself ;-) Alright, on that note, I will be off. And I will be glad!

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