Sunday, July 15, 2012

First, there was a jetty.

So, are you with me?Do you know where we are?

I hardly know where we are either! We took a trip which I explained a little here.... Right now we are actually back home again. But the internet service in the centre was so dodgey and I was on holidays, so my posts were VERY irregular. And now they're going to be retrospective posts about our trip to the centre. I hope you don't mind a bit of retrospect. It's quite nice for me, I get to relive our holidays! So... on with the trip...

The first stop after Adelaide was planned around this jetty! It's in Port Germein, a sleepy little place in a gorgeous spot. Nestled between the Flinders Ranges and the Spencer Gulf this is the home of the (once) longest wooden jetty in Australia. We were headed in this direction and it sounded like a great spot to stay, especially for some photo opportunity.... So we went there. And we took photos ;-)

When we arrived it was almost sunset. In that golden hour when the light is just right and you can (hardly) take a bad photo. Everything looks gorgeous. Well, after getting the camper set, Mr Lovely told me to take off and get some shots of the jetty in the sunset. I didn't stop to question his suggestion! The boy and I took off for the jetty. He ran and I followed, clicking away as I walked.

The next morning, when Mr Lovely took his own turn with the camera (he is MUCH better at mornings than I am!) he came back with a great set of pics. Including almost the same shots of that rusted post! What do they say about great minds??? Mind you, he took the tripod and so he got some very nice clear shots. And he had the energy to climb down under the jetty for some great close-up wooden beam shots... Ah, you have to love a clear-thinking morning mind! Anyways, we both had some fun and smiled when we saw the similar sets of photos.

So that little taste will have to be all for now my lovelies... It's getting on and time for bed. Hopefully I will get pics of the Rock to you tomorrow. Cos we all know that this trip really was all about the rock!!! It is the heart of Australia! Talk tomorrow. Enjoy your photo opportunities...

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