Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A French Find from Alice

Well hello! A few days ago I mentioned that I'd found a little french thing in Alice Springs..

 ...and here it is. I suppose it's more than one thing, it's actually a ducky little set. The old-fashioned writing set, here seen with a french flavour. Who would have thought that I'd find such a thing in the central Australian metropolitan place of Alice Springs?! Alice is a very different town, an unbelievable mix of culture with aboriginal art that wows you right through tourists of all nationalities and the characters of the local show (which was on the week we were there). It's always a busy spot, you see there are no other major metro centres for at least 500kms, so lots of people head into Alice from very remote locations. From cattle stations, aboriginal settlements, and tourist destinations (like Uluru). People go there for their major shopping expeditions. And that's what we did... went shopping.


Shopping, at the good old K-store. Can you believe it? It would be embarrassing if I hadn't found such a cute writing set! We went to lots of other places too. Groceries were very much the order of the day; after a week of bush-walking, gorge-discovering and staying warm (that desert wind is freezing!) we needed food. Plus I was craving some fresh milk for my cups of tea! You know me, I love my tea, and after a week of long-life milk in my tea I was very excited about having a cuppa with fresh milk from cows in the Northern Territory! 

Anyhow, back to the writing set. It contains notepads in three sizes, cards in two sizes, envelopes for all sizes, a pen and even some seals for the back of your envelopes. All in the lovely chick colourway of red, navy, taupe and white. I am currently hiding this little set from our gorgeous girl, she loves stationary as much as me and would have this used in a jiffy! My challenge now is to use it myself and do that good old-fashioned thing of writing notes and/or letters. I've already succeeded in writing one little note to a fellow school-mum, and I am sure she was impressed!

The other exciting thing about this little frenchy find was the price! Seven small dollars. And mixed in with a long list of necessary supplies for the small people (clothes and more amusements for the car) no-one even noticed this frenchy purchase ;-)

There were, however, some rather more pricey purchases made in Alice. Very exciting! We even went to some groovier retail outlets than Kmart! We saw some amazing stuff. we even brought a little bit of amazing stuff home... would you like a peek? I do have some projects planned for these purchases but you can have a little peek now ;-) Here's one purchase:

And here's the other. But you don't get any more hints unless you leave a comment for me!

Well that's it for me today. I'm off to write some letters! In French, of course not, oh how I wish I could! I should have paid more attention at school and then kept using the little French I did have. Ah well. Maybe that's a project for when I retire, when the children leave home and when we again go trekking about this great countryside. Who knows what we'll find next time we're in Alice! Salut!