Monday, July 30, 2012

Snowdrops & a slab of wood

Hey! Welcome to a new week! We are definitely still in tidy and clean-up mode here after a busy weekend of mundane activities.
I am sitting here still surrounded by the weekend debris. It's takes me all week to get the place looking civilised and just two short days for the family to return it to chaos... ah, the joys of it all. If I had stayed home this morning most of the debris would be gone, but the coffee and chat was worth it. 

These snowdrops and this slab were photographed late last week. When the chaos was controlled ;-) And I'm using these shots for inspiration to attack the house as soon as I finish this post - on a Monday I need all the coffee/chats/inspiration I can get! Please tell me this is normal?!


Now, these snowbells. My snowbells are from our garden, and there are more coming. How exciting :-) These shots were inspired by Sarah's seen here at A Beach Cottage. She has more than me and they are just lovely. So clean and white! I love the simple structure of the flower and it's stem. Sarah's started a new 'Beach Cottage Flowers' link, I'll be checking it out a lot. I love flowers and she takes GREAT flower shots.

And the slab of wood... it's white box, from the farm. The Farmer cut this for me while we were getting wood one afternoon. Wasn't I lucky?! When I asked Mr Woodcutter if he'd cut it for me he raised his eyebrows and asked just what did I want it for. Hmmm. No luck there. So I asked The Farmer, he had the chainsaw and kindly spent a good few minutes (of valuable firewood-cutting) time in slicing off this slab for me! And he didn't even ask me what I wanted it for ;-) That's the difference between your very own dear husband and every other male! Ah, not really, Mr Woodcutter generally humours me, poor bloke, given that he has to live in the house where I bring all of these odd/old things.

Well, I brought the slab of wood home. Gave it a (very thorough) spritz with insect spray; have you seen the size of the spiders who live in old, dead trees? I didn't want them crawling out of the holes in the wood. And, well, ahem, we have enough spiderwebs inside now without any farm immigrants. It got left outside for a few days 'til it didn't smell anymore. Then I gave it a good brush down, plonked it on the white table and then 'foofed'. Keeping all additions nice and white. The littlest one can't reach the middle of the table, so that opened the scope up too. I added things that I thought had texture... to complement the lovely texture of the wood.

There you have it! Some snowdrops and a slab of wood. Literally. Quite good fun. Lovely texture, simple colours and clean light. Speaking of clean, I'd better go and attack this house! Lucky I've got this corner for inspiration...