Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Frosty Friday Morning

We are having glorious days here at the moment... Once the frost has melted and the fog has cleared! The morning starts with very chilly temperatures. When it's sub-zero getting out of bed is tricky, you need the promise of that sunshine to help you greet the day and put your feet onto the floor;-) Generally you can sense the brightness behind the fog and it just provides that little bit of something that I (at least) need to get the day started. Here are some shots of our morning yesterday. It was a frosty Friday morning!

Here's a shot from my viewpoint, I first mentioned my viewpoint here. Although it looked pretty chilly, indeed it felt chilly, there was just a sliver of blue sky peeking over the fog encouraging me us to start the day. The birch looked really lovely too, with iced spider webs draping like pretty ribbon. It's seed 'pods' provided further iced decorations.

I'm glad I'm not a spider! Pretty chilly conditions on this web. I'd not leave that leaf 'til the sun was shining right onto it!


Even this fence post looked chilly with the fog thick behind it. Poor old cows across the road weren't even visible. They had magically disappeared! A bit more zoom and the frost on the grass was revealed, see down below....

I hope your Friday wasn't quite so chilly, or at least that you had gorgeous sunshine (like we did) to follow the chilliness :-) I'm using the sunshine to finish off the mountains of washing that returned home with us after this trip. Will pop some more Red Centre photos in a post for the new week too, plus I have a very cute frenchy find from a VERY normal store in Alice Springs to show you! Talk soon.

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