Monday, May 14, 2012

Message in a Bottle


Last weekend this very normal stay-at-home mum from a country town in Australia got a message in a bottle!

You see, on Saturday I had a few hours (almost) on my own. So what does a sensible housewife do? She gets prepared for the next meal, of course. But first I just had to take a few minutes to clean up this old green bottle I'd found in a falling-down farm house...


First I popped on some gloves, filled the bottle with cold water and carefully watched/smelt for any chemical remnants as these bottles were often used to store chemicals in bulk. Nothing happened so detergent was added and a non-scratch pad used! Lesson #1 for the blog: always take a 'Before' shot. You wouldn't have recognised this bottle. But of course, being a newbie, I forgot the before shot. So you'll have to be content with my description. The outside of the bottle was covered in dust and some white streaks that will remain unidentified (thankfully) and inside I found a bent nail, candle wax and some strange residue.


Amazingly, it cleaned up quite nicely. I sat it on our dining table in the afternoon sunlight. The light was cooperating and creating lots of fun, so I started snapping away. I am at the learning and experimenting stage of photography; I love creating images and so when it looks ok I just keep going. I thought these shots looked ok .....



I tried standing on a chair. Must have been the light.... It was even more interesting at that height!



  Then I took this photo......



And I got my message. A message in a bottle!  I loved this shot. I wanted to share it. And after being a lurker on so many other blogs I knew that a blog was a great place to share. 


This wasn't a totally new train of thought, I had been thinking about starting a blog for a number of months now. My worry was the time it takes, along with being a wife and a mum to three little-ish ones there aren't many empty moments in the day. But, hey I wanted somewhere to share these images from my life that otherwise stay buried on the hard drive.


So a blog is born! It's here for me to share my normal stuff; a flower in a jar (or carrot stems in a green bottle), a newly painted table, nice colours in the sky. Images that we all see every day, even normal girls at home doing everyday things. Not sure who will be sharing, but come along for the ride and we'll see.

This blog will be happening amongst the usual craziness of life, so sometimes I will manage to capture gorgeous imagery, and at other times it just doesn't happen (ie. when the kids are sick, the ironing is threatening to suffocate me and it's time for swimming lessons!).  In those instances I'll pull something out of the bag - you know all women can do it ;-)


My general plan is to post three times a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This gives me some deadlines and you some regularity! So, here's to sharing life's imagery! 



  1. Hi Emm a lovely start to you blog, hope you get lots of positive viewers. You guessed Pa xx

    1. Thanks Pa :-) It's nice to see the pics looking all polished and published.

  2. Dear Emma

    What a fantastic (and, I think, romantic), way to start a blog! You've done a terrific job of starting your new blog page. It looks established already! Your photos are gorgeous as well. I'm sure plenty of people will enjoy looking at them. :)

    I started my blog about 6 weeks ago (a couple of days before my little baby was born). You've inspired me to add more visual interest to mine and to customise mine a bit more. How did you manage to do the tabs at the top of the page via blogspot?

    Well done on a great new blog! I've subscribed by email so I can enjoy watching it unfold...


  3. Hi Kimberley,
    Thanks for your lovely comment! I am encouraged even more now to be creative ;) When life allows it hey?! Enjoy your new baby and your family, it's a ridiculously lovely period for you. I'll think of you when I'm blogging!

    BTW - to add the tabs I made new 'pages'. Just like adding a new post. Good luck... Emma.


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