Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Viewpoint

This is the view from my front window....

General direction is about south-west. Not a bad viewpoint to have hey? I quite like it. And it changes it's mood rather frequently, a bit like me, maybe that's why I like it :-) We get a lot of our wet, stormy weather from this direction. I take lots of photos from this viewpoint, you can see that it's even part of the blog header. The best bit about it is that I can take photos (literally) leaning over my lounge chair looking through the glass of the window. So I can take photos while the vegies are steaming, the house is chaotic and the kids are crazy. Added to the fact that those windows haven't been cleaned in oh-so-many months! And you'd never guess it from the resultant image! A little bit of 'magic' - we all need it in the evenings.

In these first two shots you're getting a bit of the diosma bush in the front garden and some nice colours from the paddock/hills/clouds. You've got to love 'Aperture' mode which blurs all the slightly uglier bits - like the road and the electricity poles. In this second shot I've added some interest via a bit of 'bling' from a car travelling past. See, this is real life blogging. The vegies won't wait for a car to pass!

When you turn the other way the view changes. A north-westerly direction. There's a tree to frame the shots, with the afternoon sun sitting behind it and kindly providing a few rays of light. Best of all I like the blurred effect of the background. That's a bit like life isn't it? We have to focus on what's happening right now in the foreground but there's always other stuff gently sitting in the background. It's often this stuff that provides the colour and joy in life. 

As background information for anyone who doesn't know, our place is just on the edge of town, in a regular suburb of an average Australian town. We have five neighbours but they are beside and behind us, so (in more ways than one) they don't really obstruct our front viewpoint. If you keep reading this blog you'll probably hear more about why they could inhibit my viewpoint....
Of course, there's always time for a couple more shots just to try every option out. Gotta love digital photography. And blue. And light.

My favourite shot is probably this one... With just a hint of green in the leaves, light streaming through and a lovely silvery blue sky. 

Interestingly I took all of these shots within 5 minutes of each other. I love that with photography, how you can make such subtle changes in focus, light and settings which results in creating quite different images. Often by 'accident' or should we say, experimentation. I know they are not perfect professional photos, but they are of my everyday, real-life viewpoint. So I will keep taking shots out the window of all the moods the wind blows me 'til I capture that perfect image. Then I'll take some more! 

Please note - I was fending off the kids with my knee and counter-balancing the camera with my elbow to try and keep the focus semi-sorted, all whilst listening for the timer to let me know the beans should be added to the carrots in the steamer. Ah, the joys of my viewpoint!

How's your viewpoint today? Hope there is plenty of blue sky!

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