Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wool in the White Cupboard

This is the white cupboard. It's the white cupboard that used to be my Grandmother's medicine cabinet to be exact. And when you first open it you still get that whiff of old medicine. It's only recently become white. And it's only recently been allowed to reside in our living area. Even more recently has there been wool in the white cupboard. So here is the story of the white cupboard, and the wool within!

My Grandma lived in a true seaside house on the east coast of Australia. She and my Grandfather bought the block which was across the road from the beach. They bought it before living by the sea was fashionable, when your average couple could afford a patch of land where now you pay squillions of dollars. You see, there is nothing between that house and the beach except bush. You lie in bed and hear the ocean roar, you open the window and smell the salt, you cross the road and walk to the beach barefoot. The house they build themselves, on weekends when they brought the family with five kids and camped on the block. The house itself was just two rectangles, one for living and one with bedrooms, joining these two rectangles was a hallway. And in the hallway lived this cupboard. Full of medicines. Jars, bottles and potions.

When my Grandma had lived out her days by the sea the medicine cupboard came to live at my house. I loved it. I loved the smell of it and the way it took me back to that hallway in the house by the sea. But not everyone in my house loved it. You see it was this rather ordinary brown colour and dingy looking. And when one doesn't have the emotional attachment of the smell of medicine of a cupboard in that seaside house, well there is no magic to see past the brown.

So, I decided to wave the magic white paintbrush over the cupboard. After many coats (turned out the 'paint' was a stain and once I'd started I had to continue!) it looked a rather different cupboard! Everyone in the house thinks it's a lovely cupboard now. And it is a rather handy hiding storage spot for all the games and some of our arty stuff. All pristine vintage glass on the outside...

But chaos on the inside...... and that, my friends, is just the top shelf!

Well. To get to the wool part of this story. If you've read this post you would know that there had been a bit of wool floating around this house. And the balls of wool seem to be growing in number too, strange isn't it?! I've also found that balls of wool and children don't mix, I had to find a place to store it and quickly. Out of sight and out of reach! The cupboard seemed ideal but where in the cupboard???

Not in this drawer, though now all the paintbrushes are together.

 Nor in this section, though I MUST do something with these gorgeous little shoes one day! 

Finally I took everything out of the cupboard, put some things elsewhere, put some things in the donation box and the bin. Then I carefully put the remaining things back in the cupboard whilst holding my breath and crossing my finger and toes... It worked, see, here's the wool going in! Looking all lovely in a basket of it's own and with my very precious instruction book that I need so much in the basket too. Right where it's easy to find - yay!

Please excuse the stray dab of yellow paint on my pointer finger, I nearly got waylaid in the paint drawer it was almost too tempting!

Ah the joys of an organised white cupboard! Not only does the cupboard look pristine on the outside, the inside is (almost) neat too! It'll never be perfect whilst there are multiple sets of hands trying to store and grab their games and art stuff in there. Who am I kidding, as if small hands 'store' things! Unless they've actually learnt the lesson of clean-as-you-go from Monday's blog. But I am very pleased to have a place for my wool in there. Small things people, small things. 

What have you organised in your life lately? I've also been trying to organise my week days and the littlest girl, it generally means working out just what I have to say 'no' to. More about that some other time. I'm still working on it and probably will 'til I have my very own seaside house along with the wisdom of age. Huh! We can all dream hey? About wisdom and seaside houses!!!

'Til next time.

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