Monday, May 21, 2012

An Afternoon Segment

Mandarins are back! The weather is quickly cooling off and the new season's fruit is appearing in the shops. Amazingly, every member of the family loves these, and that is very rare for a piece of fruit (or any food for that matter). So we're buying up BIG! I almost buy these by the dozen.

So last week I made the first purchase of the first mandarins of the season! That afternoon the kids and I were sitting in the sunshine happily partaking of them and some-one just happened to put a segment of mandarin down on the table with the sun behind it. Well I rushed for the camera and these are the results.

The kids were very patient, even suggesting different 'poses' for the mandarin segments and it's components:-) Aren't kids fingers/hands/toes lovely?!

I like this shot below with the reflection and shadow having a little competition about who will dominate the shot. Of course neither do. The mandarin segment with it's bright colour and juicy flesh wins over them both!


The peel got a photo too. Well with the background light highlighting those 'holes' (I am sure they have a proper name, but I can't think of it right this second!) and the rough edges I thought it was worthy.

Even the plates complemented the afternoon tea setting - I planned that of course;-) I wish I could honestly make that claim! When we've just got back from the school pick-up run, no matter whether we've driven, ridden or walked, there is no time to think about what colour plates would work in the photos! It's just one rushr to get the plates filled and onto the table so the 'noise' stops. Noise being the polite word for the sounds coming from juvenile mouths. Whinging is probably more realistic. Anyways, the plates looked nice!


We've a deal in our house, if you want food/drink then you take whichever colour plate/cup is on the top of the pile. I do concede that when I hand the plates out I do tend to allocate colours with blue for boys, pink for girls, but they are not allowed to get precious about colour!

These photos must be slightly out of chronological order, or the children are more patient than I give them credit for, or they had an extra mandarin. Guess why? With the rate that they ate those first ones down I would never have been quick enough to get a shop of half a mandarin! I was lucky to get segments to stay on the table for long! Am thinking I must just have been a lovely mum and let them have another mandarin given they were the first of the season, how nice of me;-)


Here's the last shot. Lovely little fingers again. Interesting light. And a gorgeous kid.

Well, there's an afternoon segment with me, or rather us. It's a tough time of the day with tiredness nearly peaking and so much to be done before bedtime, but sometimes I really do try and 'soak it up' as the kids love sharing their day's details with you and the light is so good for photos. 

Hope your Monday is sunshiney. We have sunshine now the fog has cleared, I got some photos of the fog so if they are any good I'll share them! Catch you.

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