Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mountains. And a quiet house.

Not so long ago I was flattening paper that had been used as packing. The sun was streaming through the window... 

And with half closed eyes, plus a wild imagination, that paper turned into my very own version of the Himalayas! So I got my big-girls camera out and spend a happy few minutes snapping away. Then I finished flattening the paper for a future craft project and on went the day. But I'd had my fun!

Right now it's quiet at my house. The largest small people are on their way home via the school bus, the littlest one is out feeding sheep (with Grandad) and Mr Committed is at his local office. They'll all be home shortly. And the evening chaos will begin. But right now it's quiet. Lovely stuff!

We've got gorgeous sun today. After cold southerlies yesterday. We had outside work to do this morning but since lunch I've been working hard to resist finding reasons to head back outside! Perhaps this afternoon is a good one for afternoon tea on the verandah... With just a few clouds about it might well be a nice sunset. Colours in the clouds as the shadows hit the hills. Hmmm.

Alright, there are my mountains for you. I'd best get happening before the quiet is gone. Or perhaps I'll just have a cup of tea and enjoy the last few moments.

Hope you find some quiet time today.


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