Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tilly the lamb and Primrose the prolapse

Once upon a time there was a lamb born named Tilly.

We found Miss Tilly early one morning down the paddock, alone and cold. With no mother to be found. So we brought her up to the house yard and gave her a bottle. She loved the bottle! And we loved her, there's just something about a poddy!

But then, there was a ewe due to lamb shortly. And on checking the ewes who were due we found her with prolapse. Prolapse is nasty. Very nasty. Especially when you still have the lamb in vitro. Let's just say the birth canal was now in full view and things looked grim for her! Google this for more info. When she did eventually give birth her lamb died. So sad. I take it personally every time. Mr Made-of-tougher-stuff tells me not to project human emotions onto the sheep! But this ewe was sad. Even with a nice shot of antibiotics to fight off any infection.

Then alone came Tilly... Who was now a few days old; thriving and ready to go. The ewe took her on as her own (with a little coaxing to make her stand still while Tilly drank). And we topped Tilly up with a bottle until Primrose had plenty of milk to feed her well.

The day came when we decided that Primrose and Tilly were sorted. A complete unit. Who didn't need us any more. Tilly got her last bottle from us. Primrose gave us her last foot stomp (to show that she was the Mum here thanks!). And off we sent them. Into a beautiful blue sky.

And that is what makes it all worthwhile! All the running about checking ewes and matching up lambs to be sure everyone is with their right whatever... The crouching silently with your arm reaching under a ewe holding the lamb at just the right angle to feed whilst your foot goes to sleep. Multiple times a day! Here we have a great little ewe and lamb unit. In reasonable health. Heading onto greener pastures :-) With just a little help from their friends - us.

Onwards and upwards girls!

See you in the yards for lamb marking.


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