Friday, February 7, 2014

Boys on the water

Just the other day, whilst it was crazily hot, we went to our local watering hole...

A stock watering hole :-) Or a dam. As we call them here is Australia. It's a man-made water storage for the sheep and cattle to drink from. This one is not too far from our house and so it seemed a logical place to cool off late one afternoon. The small people had been badgering us to try out a swim in a dam since we moved out here in December. That's a long time to wait! 

So this small person made short work of waiting to get in. He was keen to use his board; slightly different to the usual location for body boards!

And he was off! He was the first in and the last out :-) Mind you, he missed the news break that the littlest one had a leech find her elbow (& blood) quite tasty!

Mr Relaxed had the idea to take the tinny down too. Problem was that we couldn't locate the oars! So Mr Relaxed hopped in the boat, pushed off from the bank and he was off out into the middle of the dam. The small people flapped about the edge of the dam, worried that he couldn't go anywhere...

But you know what I think he had the idea! He was alone, out in the middle, watching the tortoises pop their heads up to check out this strange visitor. How relaxing! And the breeze gently pushed the boat down the dam to the bank at the far end. Hmmm, he's no fool ;-)

The girls did get in. The littlest one was actually very keen and I had fun keeping up with her, she didn't seem to have to worry about balancing in the 20 or so centimetres of mud as she walked! The gorgeous girl had a little more trouble getting over the mud, and then the leeches :-) But it was good. Saw us take some time out. After the girls hastily excited the water after the leech was found I lay on the bank and stared at the sky. It was so, so blue. Without a cloud. Best enjoy it as we can.

Have a lovely weekend!

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