Monday, February 3, 2014

Cool (farm) kids

Today I bring you two cool farm kids :-)

They're full of life... and mischief!

They're enjoying the wide open spaces... and high places... they bring youth and groovy moves to our new life :-)

They've adapted quite nicely. Kitting themselves out with snake-safe clothing and enjoying the freedom. I was thinking yesterday when walking the farm dogs that they'd be shocked if I put a leash on them, the small people are getting to be the same. Though we have invisible boundaries and rules they would be shocked if I tried to now put town restraints on them (ie. be quiet the neighbours might be sleeping in!).

Welcome to a new week! May it be joyous! We're hitting the realities of the school term with the after school activities quickly deciding our evening fate... Ah, the joys. Talk soon.

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  1. wow, great to see you all settling in and stretching to fit the new enviroment. love the perpective in your pictures!


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