Monday, October 14, 2013

Bathroom Blues, make that greens...

So, to cut a long story short...

Our bathroom has recently been completely gutted and redone. It was the usual story; the shower was leaking. And to fix the problem properly we decided to go the whole hog, as they say, and re-do the bathroom... Bite the bullet, jump right in, all those things! Oh, and pay the builder ;-)

The layout stayed the same, thus saving precious dollars!

But all else was removed, somewhat forcefully! And was replaced with new stuff. White stuff! Yay! So now the wall tiles are actually white and not just painted white.

Of course, it's not properly finished. I'm yet to paint the ceiling and walls. And we I created an issue when I tried to hang a picture using one of those fancy stick-on hooks. Turned out it wasn't so fancy and the pic crashed down, cracking and beaking a tile :-( Thankfully our great builder is still finishing off in the laundry and so (fingers crossed!) he will be able to fix it. Oh pretty please!

In the meantime I've hung a branch on the wall (as you do hey?!) and popped the green glass pieces we have in here to brighten up the space. I am looking forward to checking out the eyebrows when Mr Sensible spots the branch! And as for the green glass pieces; they won't be staying, there are too many small people who frequent this room to ensure their safety (safety of the green glass that is!), but it's fun to play hey ;-)

Well, here's to a new week...  And the welcoming of spring... And a lot of cleaning out of junk spring cleaning...Talk soon.


  1. Hi Emma, your bathroom looks great!! It must be a real joy to clean such a lovely fresh space. We are about to attempt bathroom made it sound very straightfoward and easy. Merrilyn x

  2. Hi Merrilyn! We are definitely enjoying the bathroom :-) I admit that we had a great builder, other renos we've done haven't been so smooth!!! Good luck with yours... will we see you at Mudgee? xxx


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