Friday, October 11, 2013

Blue skies & shorn sheep

Hi there! How great that it's Friday hey?!

Here's a few shots of lovely blue skies above shorn sheep...

We were high in the hills of the farm with a feed bin of grain on the back of the ute. So these lovely lady sheep, known by sensible farm types as ewes, were very happy to see us :-) Even though they didn't look their best, they were just a couple of weeks out of the shearing shed. In fact I think they look quite silly without that covering of luxurious wool, but don't tell them that will you? They may not speak to me again ;-) Let's just say they have character!

Those skies speak to me though! Ah, can you ever get enough of blue skies and wispy clouds?!

Such skies. Just so striking above these hills that sit on the edge of the Great Dividing Range that runs down the eastern edge of Australia. These particular hills are the western edge of the Blue Mountains (a section of the Great Dividing Range right behind Sydney) and you can see why they have this name as you gaze out across to the far-away hills!

Hope your weekend holds blue skies! And wispy clouds :-) And sheep with character! Ha!
Talk soon...

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